Key Features

Powerful Query Tool

  • Easy to use for anyone on your team
  • Fast answers to business and planning requests
  • Advice and support from our experienced analysts
  • No developer required

Business Intelligence

  • View data across multiple sources
  • Segment your data based on any criteria
  • Find trends
  • Track KPIs

Data Visualization

  • View key metrics
  • Discover trends
  • Custom dashboards for your business
  • Executive level reports

Pre-built dashboards

Every package includes pre-built dashboards based on our experience of what matters. For example, see the results of your marketing team’s efforts. Compare, contrast and use the information to inform your next steps.

Query Tool

If the dashboards aren’t enough for you, dive deep into your data and create unlimited queries across all your sources. Save them and check back any time.

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And of course, we feature a stellar team

You might be a data pro – congrats! Or you might be dipping your toe in the data water – welcome! Either way, InsightXM features an awesome team, on hand to help build custom dashboards, and advise on the questions you should be asking to get the answers you need.