In order to do your job you need to be flexible…and in order for us to provide you with insights that are actually valuable, we know we need to be flexible too.

We’ve crafted 3 packages, designed to suit any event : whether you’re looking to augment your existing reports from our Event Tech Tribe software partners all the way through to a plan designed exclusively for you to generate specific corporate insights:

Advanced Reporting

For event planners and marketers using the Event Tech Tribe solutions - enhance the reports you get by selecting our Advanced Reporting package. Now you can analyse across events, access live dashboards and create your own bespoke insights.

InsightXM Pro

Whatever event tech is in your stack, InsightXM Pro will work for you. Bring them together, add in one or two corporate systems and voila, cross-event business intelligence. Create your own dashboards with our help for an instant view of what matters to you.

Enterprise Intelligence

The personal touch - with this package you'll work with our team to create your custom enterprise dashboard and then have regular meetings with us to re-calibrate so that your corporate stakeholders always get the holistic insights on ROI they want from you.

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