Marketing and Advertising Strategies for Business Growth


With advanced, evolving technology, businesses must maintain a strong digital presence and advertising strategy to remain competitive, relevant, and seen. With most consumers shopping online, digital advertising has become an essential tool for reaching millions of potential customers and growing a business.

With the increasing popularity of social media, and trending influencer marketing, traditional methods of advertising are no longer sufficient, or necessary. Digital ad space is a key component of business success to grow a customer base and increase revenue.

The Importance of a Strong Website

Business owners must think of their website as their virtual storefront. A company’s website is often the first impression before even stepping foot into the physical space. A well-designed, user friendly, functional website that is free of visual clutter will make a significant impact on marketing efforts in the long run.

Strong websites will consist of clear messaging that encourages visitors to take action – order products, make an appointment, etc. Frequent website maintenance and updates, refreshing content and utilizing an email capture system will keep visitors engaged and improve search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is the process of editing a website’s content and structure to increase its visibility to rank higher in search engine results – no matter the browser. SEO strategies require long-term efforts and investment, but can make or break a business’ success.

SEO marketing drives traffic to the site using metadata. Keyword research is an essential component of search engine optimization. So is creating high quality content, enhancing on-page elements, and building backlinks.

Backlinks are website links other than your own that refer traffic to your website, creating high visibility. Backlinks are also referred to as inbound links, as they represent another website’s audience viewing your site. The implementation of backlinks to/from high-quality sources will help your business rank higher in search engine results (SERPs).

Social Media

Social Media platforms are increasing in popularity from a marketing perspective. On a platform where people from around the globe can interact or exchange information, smart marketing professionals use these sites to their advantage to advertise their products or services and drive traffic to their site.

If a business is looking to build brand awareness, engage with customers, or increase traffic to their website, utilizing social media is a key component.

For social media marketing to be successful, a business must identify their target audience and create content that is tailored to the majority of customer’s interests or preferences. Engaging with customers through social media can help build a following, create brand loyalty, provide additional marketing (by way of recommendation via influencer marketing) and increase global reach.

Be sure to check out this other article for a deep dive into TikTok SEO.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a somewhat new trend, and a sub-category of social media marketing. By collaborating with content creators, such as bloggers, Instagrammers, TikTokers and YouTubers, these influencers take to their own social media accounts, often with thousands, and in some cases, millions of their own followers, and promote your product, service, or brand.

This can be an extremely effective way to reach new audiences, build brand awareness and drive sales. This collaboration usually includes some sort of co-content creation, free products, or monetary endorsements to the influencer.

With this strategy, businesses should seek to identify relevant influencers within their niche. By leveraging this aspect of social media marketing, influencer marketing can further drive the visual presence of your brand.

Content Marketing

This involves creating authentic, yet sharable content designed to attract and/or engage a targeted niche audience. Content marketing can take on many forms, such as blog posts, videos, infographics and published articles. By providing product and industry related content, businesses can attract new customers and build brand loyalty.

Additionally, promoting informative content can keep your audience around longer, create trust, promote better traction on social sites, generate better leads and improve conversations.


Digital marketing strategies are essential for businesses looking to grow, expand and be seen in a saturated market. By developing, and maintaining a strong website, optimizing social media pages and creating quality content, businesses can attract new customers, retain their existing customers and increase revenue. By continuously adjusting marketing strategies to meet the needs of the industry, companies both large and small can stay ahead of the competition and achieve long-term success.

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